Frozen Photography


On March 2nd, 2015, I touched down into Grise Fiord.

In a split second I was blow away by what I saw. It was a frozen universe, yet life skated along as if all was normal, and it was all very normal, in March, at latitude 76, I had simply never been there before, or then.

While I was reacting to my first few moments in my new home, the sun, mountains, ravens, and people all appeared to be perfectly fine with living life on an icicle. I must state that the air was indeed peppermint fresh, a huge selling factor to myself as a Southern allergy sufferer.

I immediately took out my camera and began to shoot.  Quickly I was to discover that placing a camera to your face in minus 50 crafts a frozen design wherever you breath, including upon your camera’s viewfinder.  Breath lands crystalized wherever you inadvertently aim it, requiring you to take off your gloves, and at times, use your fingernails to claw the  newly formed chunks of polar ice from your viewfinder’s window to the world you are hoping to capture.

I stumbled onto a technique, I began to hold my breath when I aimed to  take an exposure. No breath equals no ice in your viewfinder – bonus!

Hey, ya do what you got to in order to get the shot – if not breathing is the solution, then don’t breath.




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